When Working in Your Pajamas is Not Enough

morning guy

Sir Isaac Newton observed that an object at rest tends to stay at rest, and an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Strangely, this also seems to be true in regards to human beings. People who are on the move tend to continue on that upward trajectory, while those who are in rut, have a tendency to stay stuck in that same rut.

While many people are able to make the transition from a traditional office setting to a home office, the potential for distractions is enormous. Home is where you let your hair down and relax, troll the fridge and the internet, entertain friends, and play with pets.

In short—-unless you have a specifically designated area where you don’t allow yourself to do any of these things—-home is typically NOT where a whole lot of work gets done. Being in that place of rest can put us in a state of rest, and that’s not good for overall productivity.

This is where coworking comes in.

Sure there can be distractions and fun things to do at coworking spaces also—but by and large people are there to work! It’s a designated place away from home where you can focus on getting things done.

Surround yourself with other people—people who have passions, ideas and ambitions; people who want to change the world—and you might find yourself becoming a world-changer as well. The ancients recognized that “like begets like;” you become like those who you are surrounded by.

I remember when I first joined a writer’s group, and how it changed me.

I had been writing little snippets on my own here and there; but once I met some like-minded individuals, it lit a fire under my butt! I began producing content regularly, working on short stories, book reviews, and ideas for larger works. This little group influenced me in incalculable ways.

I remember one week a new member of our group shared some poetry. The rest of us considered ourselves to be prose writers, but we all listened politely as he shared his poems. Then, the next week, every one of these “non-poets” brought in their own newly composed poetry, inspired by our newest member in the group!

As you surround yourself with inspiring people, the motivation of those around you bleeds into your own life, and you find yourself reaching for higher ground as well.

So go change out of those jammies; comb your hair, and get thee to a coworking office, stat! Say goodbye to the status quo, the stagnant life, the way-things-have-always-been. Become a doer, a maker, a creator, a producer—and not just a consumer. Your refrigerator and Netflix will be there when you get home from a hard day’s work..