How Wednesdays were redefined in Marketing


“On Wednesdays we wear Pink” (Mean Girls 2004)  and “HUMP DAAAAYYYYY” will forever remain as the unofficial-official slogans of Wednesdays, and it’s all due to the power of Word-of-mouth.

But why

are they still relevant and how did companies like Geico and [the franchise] Mean Girls appropriate a day of the week? Simple. In fact, the most simple technique in Marketing: Social Conditioning. Ok, I lied, it’s not simple per se but it is once you understand it.

For any type of marketing you need a schedule, a certain amount of relatability (yes, the ability to relate) and of course a creative way to deliver your message.

Here’s the ‘simple’ part:

Take something like– Oh, Wednesday; We have it every week and it’s always gonna be on people’s mind. Boom! Natural Schedule. Now take something people love– Oh, obnoxious animals duh! Everyone loves a talking animal! Last step: Create a way to convey your message. Something… in the words of Ron Burgundy…


The result: A cultural phenomenon 

So exactly how was marketing redefined whilst staying relatively classic?

I’m not sure, but I know how I can save 15% or more on car insurance or what to wear next Wednesday! Whoop-Whooop!