How Coworking can help Solopreneurs


Often times a forward thinker finds itself stuck between growing an idea and cultivating a team. The growth may take time, surely, but what will take even longer and could potentially harm said idea is compiling a team of individuals who believe, provide, and grow from each other to expand what could be a successful startup. The choice isn’t always clear, and the risk could be massive on both parts of the decision. Luckily, there is one simple solution to facilitating that growth: Coworking! The benefits of coworking for a Soloprenuer (or anyone starting a company really) are endless! Even though we are fans of the endless scroll, we will make this short and simple for you:


  • Coworking is Cost effective

It’s great to be the next sexy startup… I mean these days it’s like working at a startup is a must, but we all know that no matter how sexy you are, it takes money to get there and every penny counts.



  • Coworking Provides focus

Being surrounded by other people who are actively working toward a defined goal encourages soloprenuers (and everyone else) to remain focused. Also, who wants

to be he disruptive person in the office ?!


  • Networking

Shared spaces include a healthy array of people. Take for example SpherePad: we have everything from Startups, to Artists, writers, and a bunch of attorneys. In addition, our Virtual Address service pulls in dozens of people from different professions who are there regularly, creating an opportunity for further networking.

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  • Provides development of people skills

Working on your own startup business usuallly means having to wear multiple hats. Often we find ourselfves ignoring what is possibly the most important hat, the front-facing-people-interaction-hat. In a shared space or coworking environment we  are forced to face multiple people. This casual daily interaction makes for easy social conditioning and prevents awkward interactions that may be important in the long run.



  • Encreases productivity

Again. Any decent human with a sense of shame would be inclined to focus on their own work in order to not distract the rest of the place. Not a decent human being? No sense of shame? Too distracted to function? That’s why we have an office manager.


  • Opens view of various industries

You never know who might drop in for a day or permanently. Coworking is for everyone !



  • Encourages Healthier habits- which balances mental health

When you work from home or a cafe you are at the mercy of Netflix, the pijama pants and the cereal box. When you work from a cafe you are surrounded by endless sugary treats and carbs! When you cowork, you create a schedule for yourself and you wear real clothes.


Wear real clothes, come coworking with us!