Coworking Etiquette: Sharing more than just a space.



It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, there’s always someone who loves theirs even more. That’s okay, we’re not here

to compete… Although, my job as a Community Manager is pretty great. I set off on a quest to find out what made people’s working space the ultimate place to work and the result was quite pleasant.

First off, people enjoy having their space. Everyone likes knowing that they have a place to call their own, so to acknowledge that a certain spot is where a person likes to work is their -coworking- bliss. It is quite rude to walk in and impose your own set of rules on a community that has already built some. Instead, opt for enhancing the space by warming up and allowing them to open up as well.


Second pointer: Be kind to the noses around you. We know the amazing facts about brewing your own Kombucha and becoming a Pescatarian, it sounds lovely! What Everyone around you isn’t openly complaining about is the smells your food is causing. Bootstrapped entrepreneurs and startups alike know what it’s like to have to pinch pennies, we all get it, you have to make your own lunch and maybe ~reheat~ at work… Please be mindful of our noses, allergies and general space. We don’t all wanna smell like your Salmon

dish. Some of us rather smell of Bacon…

Frustrated and need to vent? Well, as much as we all want to help you: learn to read you coworkers. In our coworking space we have a few solid rules:

  • We will listen to music after everyone is settled.

  • We will socialize while we make our coffee/tea– and stop in the kitchen

  • We will only vent until the very end of the day

It’s an unspoken agreement, but we all reached it through socializing at appropriate times and supporting our positive habits rather than our negative. Of course, there’s the occassional chit-chat in between but that should only occur when invited/your invitation is taken.


Learn to give people respect. It’s very easy to have a “work buddy,” and get too carried away. Always remember that you are at work and there are others around you. Give them the same amount of space and respect you’d like to receive. After all, they’re not putting salmon in the microwave ;).


Always remember that the sharing economy was created to help everyone take full advantage of the resources around them and grow with the support of their community.


If you have any questions, make sure you establish communication with your very own Jess (our Community Manager) and you let them know what you need from your space.