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Why SpherePad?


Many professionals are working from home feeling isolated and being cut off from the world. Others find the right #coworking space for them that provides them the resources they need. Working in a professional environment such as a co-working space will increase productivity and help to develop your brand. While some of us are looking for a fun and active space to interact other of us are looking for somewhere quiet and professional, It can be like home but with perks, recourses and no distractions. The greatest benefits of coworking spaces for some of us has to be getting a work/life balance and interact with like minded individuals.

At SpherePad we are more than just your next coworking space we are a part of your community. We are bringing like minded people from diverse professions together into one place, Diversity of skills is actually one of the strengths of coworking.The idea is to be there and encourage each other while having the space to work on your own projects, Get in touch with us today, or better yet, you are invited to stop by and visit us any time...


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